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The Home of DIY Swimming Pools and Reservoir Kits

DIY Swimming Pool Kits are the most affordable way to create your own splash, swimming or lap pool in no time! These easy-to-assemble pools can be found in some of the most remote places on earth. Made from heavy duty, colour-fast liners and galvinised steel panels, each pool will ensure years of enjoyment!

Having a complete Pool Kit delivered to your door for home installation, is something no other type offers. Being able to ship a complete pool half-way round the world at a low cost, has meant that people in remote areas are able to enjoy the pleasure you can have in your own back-yard with a complete system from Quick Pools, Africa's foremost manufacturer of DIY Pools.

Our pools are to be found in the suburbs, at game lodges, hotels and schools throughout Africa and quite a few throughout the world, in Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

From a pleasurable 3m round 'splash' pool, to our Olympic size, the same high standard of quality and finish are maintained.

Installing your pool is simple. Once the necessary excavation is complete, the steel panels are placed in position, made level and bolted together. Fine sifted sand is placed on the floor and smoothed into shape. The liner is placed in position and, using a simple household vacuum cleaner, air is sucked out from between the liner and steel walls, allowing you to ensure the liner fit is crease free, before you fill up with water. Our instructions take you through each step, and in around three days, your pool is ready!

For those not wanting to permanently install their pool in ground, we offer an attractive range of free standing above-ground pools, which can be moved, and even installed in-ground at a later stage.

You can order just the basic Pool Kit from us, or the complete system right down to the pool light and any other possible accessory you may want.

Enjoy the healthy life-style a swimming pool offers - the affordable way - from Quick Pools!

The homeowner wishing to install his own pool would be well advised to look at our 'Classic' range of oval sizes. Easy to install, the shape well suited to efficient water circulation and no awkward corners for the pool cleaner to negotiate, an oval pool remains the true classic shape.